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I believe there is one, and only one, fighter than can defeat Floyd Money Mayweather: Andre Ward. I consider Andre a boxing "chameleon," meaning Ward has an uncanny talent for changing his fight plan to adapt to his opponent. I have never seen a fighter with greater ring IQ, and thus, Ward will be an enigma to any and every fighter regardless of how many tapes are viewed of him and no matter how much preparation or training one has.

No one has been able to defeat Mayweather thus far. Why? Because Mayweather has the same excellent ring IQ as Ward. So which fighter can unlock the key to Mayweather's outstanding defensive capabilities? The chameleon himself, Andre Ward, The fight will likely never occur though because in my opinion Ward is not as much as a showboat as Floyd. Ward is a humble guy with other priorities in life such as family and church. The months of traveling and boasting and touring will be a difficult feat for a real family man like Ward. Furthermore, Ward is an HBO fighter as opposed to Mayweather, who prefers Showtime.

Finally, and most importantly, a fight between Ward and Mayweather will likely never occur because I think Mayweather knows that there is only one man who can beat him: Andre Ward. Mayweather will likely mention the above named excuses for avoiding a fight with Ward. He will likely go on to fight "big names" such as Manny Pacquiao, knowing it will take a miracle for any other fighter to defeat him. But I am confident that Ward can get the job done, and do so concisely.

So hey Floyd, put your "Money" where your mouth is.

Laura Bongard
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