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You are an excellent boxer.  You have skills that 99% of all boxers envy and would sell their souls to have.  So I have to ask... ...why do you feel you have to resort to such dirty tactics in so many fights?  I was a huge fan right up untill I watched 8 intentional head-butts against Kesseler that, in the end, took him out of the tournament, and almost out of boxing.  I was disgusted.  I almost stopped watching your fights after that, I lost all respect.
You're a christian, I've watched your interviews,  I've watched your fights,  I was a huge fan... everytime I watch you fight, I wait for you to start the dirty tactics...  ...they always come.  Really?   Do you not think you can win without them? Are you so proud that you feel this is the only way?  If so, you're wrong.  let your God-given skills do the work.  I want to see a clean fight against Froch.  I want to see the Andre Ward I respected before this tournament.  I know you're doing this for your family, for yourself, but do it right so you can be proud of how you acomplished your victory.
I don't want to be ashamed of SOG anymore.
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